Planning for Tulare County’s Transit Future

The Tulare County Association of Governments (TCAG) is undertaking the county’s first ever Long Range Transit Plan, called Destination 2040, with the objective of adding a transit component to the Tulare County Regional Transportation Plan. This is not an insignificant undertaking: nine different transit operators, as well as eight incorporated communities and other governing agencies, provide some type of fixed-route, demand response, or intercity transit service within the county.

The goal of this project is to provide a development and investment plan that will result in real mobility and transit mode split gains in the near and long term. Achieving this goal will require a thoughtful and thorough strategy that addresses current needs, emerging needs and markets, and future markets.

What is the goal of Destination 2040?

Tulare County is growing, and determining how to meet future transportation demands is critically important. Destination 2040 looks further into the future and takes a regional approach to transit planning. The plan will analyze existing transit service, travel patterns, and other data to identify potential improvements. In particular, the plan will look at ways to improve connectivity and travel time between communities within Tulare County as well as improved service to Fresno and Kings County. By making public transportation a viable alternative to the single-passenger vehicle, this plan will help to address increasing traffic congestion and ongoing air quality concerns.